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 Ranking System

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Judgement Fal'cie

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PostSubject: Ranking System   Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:18 pm

In this RP We have ranked to prevent OP.
The ranks are following:


S-rank is the highest rank and F the lowest, obviously. You start of as F-rank but if you desire a higher rank with RP CV Approved you can start of as whatever the Admin advices you to.

Another thing the ranks are necessary for is that the Magics, abilities and weapons are ranked after it's capability, Beacuse a F-ranked not going to weild a Awesome-o S-ranked Blade.

As well be aware of your rank. Don't go around using techniques that are out of your rank and be suuuper aware of your capability, means that you don't go around jumping, slashing, using magics an still not be tierd and without a scratch as a F-rank! It's very annoying and it results to bann.

Then you probably ask yourself - How do I get to higher ranks?
Admins and Moderators can promote you through out the RP. As well
there will be like neutral tournaments later on,
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Ranking System
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